"Evangelize to Disciple: Leading the Lost to Repentance"

Lifestyle AND Relationship Evangelism prepares GGMers to spread the Word through lifestyle and deed. 

Evangelism outreach at Garden of Grace Ministries an integral aspect of the ministry that it has clearly outgrown the walls of the church's internal organization structure. Everything our church does is outreach!

Outreaches provide an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can experience the love of Jesus extended through ordinary people who care. This is Christianity in action. Enthusiastic, well-organized teams are impacting our Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the world.
In order to live out the Great Commission it takes many people playing numerous roles, all working together to assist and support those God calls us to serve along the various facets of the Christian life. Throughout the years, God has opened and reversed the mind-set of His people concerning outreach. Originally people were geared to bringing people to the church, but now it has come time to bring church to the people.

The outreach programs at Garden of Grace Ministries  not only meet the material needs of individuals but also their love needs. The heartbeat of outreach is demonstrating that God is Love by Showing God's Love in a Tangible Way. These outreaches serve as vehicles to feed hungry people with the Word of God."