Apostle Norma L Fontaine-Philbert, Senior Pastor

Norma Fontaine-Philbert assumed the role of senior pastor of Garden of Grace Ministries in May 2012.  In her capacity, she is committed to raising and equipping people by teaching them the biblical principles she strives to live by. She speaks frequently at church seminars and conferences around the world, ministering throughout North America including the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

Apostle Norma has a heart for the hurting and destitute, and recognizes that her public platform gives her the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

In addition to her pastoral ministry, she is the founder and director of  École Primaire Jardin de Grace (Garden of Grace Primary Elementary School) -  one of the church's outreach ministries in Haiti as well as the Founder/Director and Chief Instructor at the Garden of Grace Ministries Bible Training Academy in Burundi, Africa. Additionally, each year she spearheads a number of foreign missions initiatives, sharing the Gospel as well as providing assistance in the area of healthcare, education and life-empowerment. 

A Mortgage Banker and Entrepreneur by secular profession, Apostle Norma was ordained to the pastoral ministry by the Association of International Gospel Assemblies - AIGA and to the office of the apostle by Apostle Mark Jones, Senior Pastor (Center for Manifestation, Tampa) - her spiritual covering. She is an active member of the Fellowship of Bible Centered Ministries (FBCM).

Apostle Norma was born in Slough (Berkshire) England. She has been married to her high school sweet-heart, Francis for the past thirty one years. Their union has produced two sons - Andrew Samuel and Jonathan David as well as a grandson, Zyan Amari.