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Ensure You Receive Your Blessing Today
By Pastor Norma Fontaine-Philbert

FRESH BREAD: There are no inhibitions when presenting our requests before God, that is as long as we know that we are in right standing with Him. In fact, when  we know that we’re living our lives in the way that He has commanded, we actually have a right to hold Him to His Word.
In Deuteronomy 28  we read of the conditions the Lord set forth to receiving the blessings,  and  our receipt of those blessings  is contingent upon our adherence to those conditions.  Jabez asked the Lord for much, and he received that which he requested because, as according to the Scriptures,  "he was more honorable  than his brethren.”  Simply put, Jabez lived a righteous life.
So, what is it that you desire from the Lord? Do you have a right to ask Him for it? Remember, He said   "If thou shalt…..then will I” It’s not complicated at all.  Ensure that you receive your blessing today. It would be a shame to miss out.

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