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Neither Do I Condemn Thee
By Pastor Norma Fontaine-Philbert

FRESH BREAD: The accusers thought that our Lord would agree with them as they passed judgment against the adulterous woman. Consumed in their self-righteousness, they disregarded the fact that they were no better than she was. After all, it just may be that the very accusers were her co-offenders!
But Jesus, being as just as He was, caused them to come face to face with their own short-comings and then, in a gentle rebuke, he admonished the woman to "go and sin no more." What a lesson to us!
May our heart's cry today and always be "Make me more like You, Jesus make me more like You". He did say that he would not reject a broken and contrite heart. So cry out. (Psalm 51:17).

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